Roses 2022 will see the following key campaigns running throughout the Roses calendar:

Supporting Wellbeing

Roses is an amazing event to be part of for so many reasons and brings campus to life in a way like no other event does. However, Roses can become overwhelming for both competitors and spectators alike at times, especially with it being in exam season at both institutions.

Therefore, this year we are really proud to be introducing “The Roses Lounge”. This will be a space ran by our amazing advisors and team of friendly volunteers. More details on this to follow but it will essentially be a space away from the hustle and bustle of the Rose Village to take some time out, chat to the team and re-energise.

Roses Lounge
Roses Lounge

Respect the Rose

Respect is a key foundation that Roses has been built on and our teams and our Vice-chancellor have shown their commitment to this by signing The Roses Pledge.

The Respect the Rose Pledge reads:

Lancaster University Students’ Union and the University of York Students’ Union believe in providing an inclusive, professional and safe environment for all teams and athletes to participate in. Each institution excepts all players and groups to adopt this ethos and to the best of their abilities ensure that the Roses Competition is an event that any student would be proud to be part of.

We believe any student wishing to take part in the Roses event in any capacity should be able to do so without fear of discrimination in any form.

We the undersigned, will uphold the Respect the Roses Pledge. We will:

  • Abide by the Roses Code of Conduct
  • Protect the Roses event and reputation by ensuring all players, coaches, officials, supporters and attendees:
  • Represent the university, union and club in an exemplary manner
  • Behave in a respectful and appropriate manner
  • Show due respect to other users of facilities and to university/ union staff
  • Are welcoming and hospitable to opposing teams and treat all opponents with respect

We ask that if you are getting involved in Roses in any way that you join us in abiding by the above and helping us to ensure Roses remains an incredible event throughout for everyone.

Roses are Green

We have been quietly working behind the scenes to make Roses as environmentally friendly as possible, particularly over the past 6 years. At Lancaster we’re really proud to have removed single use items from our supporters packs and we haven’t dated our banners for years to enable them to be reused time and time again.

However for Roses 2020 we had big plans for all things green which unfortunately had to be put on hold but we are so happy that these elements were once again funded for Roses 2022. We are so excited that we can finally put all our initiatives into action and help ring positive change to campus.

The most noticeable difference in comparison to previous events is the introduction of reusable cups which we hope will eradicate the need for single use plastic cups from the Roses Village and all other on campus event venues. Please note that this is being introduced using a cup deposit scheme similar to those you’ll have likely come across at other major sporting venues and festivals. This is something that has never been done on campus before so we are really proud that Roses 2022 is championing such significant change. What’s more is that the University have agreed to use Roses a pilot for potentially using the cups indefinitely at all big events where single use plastic cups have traditionally been used. That will be a lot of plastic saved from landfill!!

In addition to this we are working closely with facilities to improve waste management across the event and increase recycling capacities. We’re also working closely with all our stall holders for the village to ensure the event carbon footprint is as low as possible.

We hope you’re all in agreement that these are great changes and we hope you’ll join us in our mission to make this the Greenest Roses yet!

Roses Lounge