Roses Live 2019


The first event happened on 15 May 1965 after the Vice-Chancellor of York, Lord James of Rusholme, suggested a boat race between the two universities. The students amplified this idea and held a 3-day event with a variety of sports: rowing, table tennis, relay race, mixed field hockey, and tug of war. The winner of each of the sports received two points, and the losing vice-chancellor presented a trophy to the winning university.

The event has continued to increase in size since its founding, with new events added every year (2004 had 37 different sports, now we have 51). Live coverage of the event is broadcast every year by a joint collaboration between the two university's student television stations YSTV and LA1:TV, and its two student radio stations, Bailrigg FM and University Radio York. The importance of non-sporting social activities at the event has also been increased, with organised events on the Friday and Saturday evenings.

51 Sports. 146 Fixtures. 2 Universities. 1 Trophy.