Lancaster vs York. It's a rivalry that goes back hundreds of years. This struggle between red and white has become the basis for the largest Varsity Tournament in Europe.

The origins of Roses date back to almost 50 years ago, on 15 May 1965, when the then Vice-Chancellor of York, Lord James of Rusholme, suggested a boat race between Lancaster University and York University. The students at both universities expanded on the proposed race. They held a 3-day Olympic-style tournament with various sports: rowing, table tennis, relay race, mixed field hockey, and tug of war. The winner of each competition received two points, and the losing vice-chancellor presented a trophy to the winning university.

The events popularity has snowballed over the years, exponentially increasing in size since its founding. Now Roses features over 130 fixtures across the weekend with events ranging from eSports to Ultimate Frisbee. Live coverage of the event is broadcast every year by a collaboration between the two university's student television stations YSTV and LA1TV, its two student radio stations, Bailrigg FM and University Radio York, and campus newspapers SCAN and York Vision.

Roses is truly an event to behold, and after two years out, this year looks to be the biggest and best Roses yet. Whether you are Lancastrian or Yorkshire, wear your colours, support your teams, and get ready for the ultimate tournament to decide whether Roses are Red or White.

(Just in case you were wondering, ROSES ARE RED!)


York: 28 wins (24 home, 4 away) - Lancaster: 26 wins (22 home, 4 away) - Draws: 1


2022 Lancaster
2021 Cancelled
2020 Cancelled


2019 York
2018 Lancaster
2017 York
2016 Lancaster
2015 York
2014 Lancaster
2013 York
2012 Lancaster
2011 York
2010 Lancaster


2009 York
2008 York
2007 York
2006 Lancaster
2005 York
2004 Lancaster
2003 York
2002 York
2001 York
2000 Lancaster


1999 York
1998 Lancaster
1997 York
1996 Lancaster
1995 York
1994 Lancaster
1993 York
1992 York
1991 York
1990 Lancaster


1989 York
1988 Lancaster
1987 York
1986 Lancaster
1985 Lancaster
1984 Lancaster
1983 York
1982 Lancaster
1981 York
1980 Lancaster


1979 York
1978 York
1977 Lancaster
1976 Lancaster
1975 Lancaster
1974 Draw
1973 Lancaster
1972 Lancaster
1971 York
1970 Lancaster


1969 York
1968 Lancaster
1967 York
1966 Lancaster
1965 York