Roses Live 2019

food & drink

Please be aware that none of our venues accept card payments. As an alternative, we accept YOYO Wallet. Available on all smartphones and completely free to use . Only requiring around a minute to set up, YOYO is the smart way to pay, giving you points as you spend which can be redeemed for food or drink in any of our permanent venues. Oh, and you can use it in Cafe Nero…

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The Hub/ Deck 87

Located in the heart of Roses 2019, this pop up area is sure to be frequented between events. Starting with breakfast sandwiches from 8am, there will then be hot pork & turkey sandwiches, premium sourdough base pizzas and Vegan Kebab.
To drink, you’ll have a choice of our own Roses Lager, Amstel, Strongbow Dark Fruit or a pint of Brew York Roses IPA alongside a selection of our usual spirits, mixers, bottles and cans.
We’ve also teamed up with Red Bull to bring you Deck 87- Red Bull’s favourite toy. We’re talking about a 2 storey bar providing you with FREE Red Bull. £2.00 upgrade to Vodka Red Bull. £3.00 upgrade to Double Vodka Red Bull.

Weekend Highlights: Whenever you’re passing.
Where: Outside YUSU between The Lounge & Physics.
Opening Times: Fri 12.00-23.00, Sat 08.00-22.30, Sun 08.00-20.00.

22 Acres

Offering Coffee in collaboration with the Universities own Coffee Society, a full bar including draught Roses Lager, Amstel, Strongbow Dark Fruits and a Roses IPA thanks to our friends at Brew York & Heineken UK. We’ll also be serving Gourmet Burgers, Hot Dogs and Noodles all weekend. You can’t miss us as we will be under under a 16 meter Red Bull Wigwam. Supplied by Red Bull - The official energy drink of Roses 2019.

Weekend Highlights: Sunday Sports
Where: 22 Acres Sports Fields. Look for the giant Red Bull Wigwam.
Opening Times: Sat & Sun 08.00-20.00.

Vanbrugh Arms

The home of local beer, real cider and over 20 types of gin. If the sun is shining, Greg’s Place (the big beautiful square next to the lake) is our beer garden.

Weekend Highlights:
Opening Ceremony (Friday 18.30-23.00)
Outdoor film screening (Saturday 18.30-late)
Open Mic night (Saturday 21.00-late)

Where: Vanbrugh College Nucleus/Greg’s Place, central campus
Opening Times: Fri 16.00-01.00, Sat 12.00-02.30, Sun 12.00-23.00.


The home of pitchers, sports teams and the infamous ‘Cheeky D’. Hot food will be making a guest appearance across the weekend offering a selection of Pizzas & Nachos.

Weekend Highlights:
Giant pub quiz/general vibes (Friday, 20.00-02.00)
Pool (Saturday 21.00-01.00)

Where: Derwent College Nucleus (Derwent Costa by day)
Opening Times: Fri 15.00-02.00, Sat 12.00-03.00, Sun 12.00-23.00.

The Courtyard

Offering a full food & drink menu, cocktails, Pimms, snacks, live sports, a recently revamped outdoor bar area and hundreds of student events. The Courtyard will almost definitely work its way into your weekend plans.

Weekend Highlights: All live televised sporting events (Featuring nachos of course)
Where: Located between Derwent & Central Campus next to the Department of Education. Follow the covered walkway and you’ll eventually reach The Courtyard’s Courtyard.
Opening Times: Fri 08.30-00.00, Sat 10.00-23.00, Sun 10.00-23.00

The Lounge

With over 30 cocktails available on the standard menu and special Roses cocktails available over the weekend, The Lounge is the venue of choice for cocktails on campus. However, on Saturday 4th May, The Lounge transforms into the largest venue on campus by hosting the highly anticipated Darts followed by the (in)famous Roses Clubnight. Get down early for this one, capacity is usually hit within half an hour of opening.

Weekend Highlights:
Darts (Saturday 14.00-21.00)
Roses Club Night 22.30-03.00

Where: Located just near the Sports Centre
Opening Times: Fri 19.00-00.00, Sat 10.00-03.00, Sun TBC

The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse is the perfect place to celebrate after any activity at York Sport Village. Rumour has it the Friday night karaoke is the best in the city…

Weekend Highlights: Glasshouse Karaoke (Friday 20.00-23.00)
Where: Goodricke College, Heslington East Campus (1 Bus stop from York Sports Village)
Opening Times: Fri 11.00-23.00, Sat 11.00-23.00, Sun 11.00-22.00

Roger Kirk Centre

Serving Costa coffee, breakfast butties, burgers and more.

Opening Times: From 8am Saturday & Sunday

Roses Lager

We’ve teamed up with award winning local brewery Brew York to create our own house lager for the weekend which will replace our usual house lager lines in most bars across the campus. Literally brewed by the YUSU team on Monday 1st April probably less than 1 mile from campus, we guarantee this will be the best value, freshest, local brew with the smallest carbon footprint you’ll ever have.

Weekend Highlights:
Darts (Saturday 14.00-21.00)
Roses Club Night 22.30-03.00

Where: Located just near the Sports Centre
Opening Times: Fri 19.00-00.00, Sat 10.00-03.00, Sun TBC

Roses Lager: Making Of Vido