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Roses Unlocked 2021

Roses Unlocked

Roses. The white rose of York vs. the red rose of Lancaster. Every year, students of York and Lancaster are pitted against each in hundreds of fixtures and every year, the same question is on everyone’s lips: Are roses white, or are they red?

The Roses competition is traditionally the largest inter-university varsity competition in Europe, which sees students battling it out in sports from cheerleading to darts, all to win the ever-coveted trophy. While the sporting competition began all the way back in 1965, the rivalry dates back even further to the Wars of the Roses, a civil war which threw England into years of upheaval, a war between the Houses of York and Lancaster to win the crown of England.

This year, Roses Unlocked will consist of digitally-assisted fixtures (thanks to YSTV, LA1TV and URY!), fixtures which can go ahead either online or with digital assistance in person, and a pentathlon team event. You’ll be able to watch these fixtures here - or at The Forest, The Lakeside Tap, and The Glasshouse (York), or Alexandra Square (Lancaster) where they will be streamed on screens for you to enjoy safely with your friends, kitted out in Roses Unlocked merch.

Live Coverage

Thanks to the hard work of our amazing student media groups, your Roses coverage is sorted. YSTV have produced this year’s Roses Unlocked trailer and will be running filming and livestreams of the events. Bailrigg FM and URY will also be providing radio coverage across the weekend, and keep an eye out for a written supplement from Nouse and SCAN coming soon.

Showcase fixtures

There are so many fixtures this Roses Unlocked for you to watch online, from E-sports to archery. But if you can, don’t miss out on the fixtures which are being streamed in our venues too! At The Glasshouse, The Lakeside Tap, and The Forest, you can watch live streams of York and Lancaster going head to head in Darts and the Closing Ceremony, where you can cheer on the white rose in A Question of Sport. You’ll only need to book your (free) tickets for all of these events if you want to watch at The Forest. But don’t worry if you miss out on booking a table there, because you can watch without booking at The Lakeside Tap and The Glasshouse too.


The Roses Pentathlon is a unique and exciting event that is made up of 5 activities which use different skills developed by participating in sport and physical activity.

York and Lancaster Clubs will go head to head against each other to win their fixture, and where we cannot match clubs up, they will be entered into an overall Pentathlon leaderboard for another opportunity to win points for their University.

The nature of the event will mean that clubs can have members participating from all across the world as there are opportunities to participate both on campus and remotely. The activities included in the Pentathlon are:

  • Run (5km)
  • Static Row (1km)
  • Cycle (15km)
  • Sprint (80m)
  • Swim (50m)

To see a full list of the Pentathlon fixtures, as well as the results, head over to the fixtures page!


Get involved on Twitter by tweeting your roses memories with the hashtag #RosesThrowback!

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