Roses 2019

Roses 2019 will see the following key campaigns running throughout the Roses calendar:

Supporting Mental Health

York Mind

Being a student can be great fun, but it also brings its pressures. Deadlines, money worries, personal problems and other issues can create situations where we're not feeling like ourselves – which is why Lancaster’s students’ union launched the Grow Our Minds campaign this year.

The link between physical activity and improved mental health is well-known, which is why we’re running a special Roses edition of Grow Our Minds aimed at spreading the word about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. More info:


All of our teams have signed the Respect the Rose pledge, committing to fair play and high standards of conduct throughout Roses weekend. That is why we want you to #RespectTheRose during our event and show support to all our athletes.

Roses Are Green

We've been working to make 2018 the greenest Roses ever, and have been working hard to keep our environmental impact a low as possible. Measures include working hard to avoid single-use plastics, working with our suppliers to secure eco-friendly materials and buying equipment and materials that can be reused at future events. Please do your bit during the weekend to keep Roses green.